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ISO 9001 or ISO 14001

Do you have questions or doubts about ISO 9001 or ISO 14001?

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Remote Consulting

Balanced Scorecard

We provide remote consulting services helping organizations in formulating, reviewing, executing and monitoring strategy, using the process approach and the theory of constraints.

Management Systems

We provide remote consulting services helping organizations designing and implementing management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or integrated). We can help designing the management system from scratch or revamping an existing one.

Remote Training

Management Systems

•   Implementing ISO 9001;
•  Implementing ISO 14001;
•  Internal audit;
•  The process approach;
•  Process monitoring;
•  The risk based approach.


•  Designing a strategy map;
•  Implementing a balanced scorecard;
•  Using the balanced scortecard to implement a quality management system;
•  Developing a set of action plans aligned with strategy.


•  Statistical Process Control
•  Determine and characterize a process

Customized Training

If you want us to customize and develop a workshop specific for your organization and your needs. Let us schedule a meeting to explore that possibility.

Hybrid Training

•   Writing a checklist and designing an audit plan
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Remote Auditing

Planning, Performing And Reporting An Audit

We can provide remote internal audits to management systems using a set of online tools. Please schedule a meeting to set the audit scope, the audit criteria and the audit objectives, then we will send you a quotation.


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Management Systems Focused On The Business

If you want a management system focused on business results, if you want more than a flag on a pole or a stamp in a certificate, if you want to develop a management system specific not only to your organization, but to your target customers, to your competition advantages.

Over the years, in our contact with companies, we have been consolidating the perception that what many companies lack is not to produce better, it is to sell better. And when we think about selling better we think about looking at the market in a different way, many companies do not clearly define who their target customers are and, therefore, transmit a blurred image of their capabilities, so they try to offer everything to everyone therefore, they are always average, do not stand out at any particular point and, therefore, end up competing for price.

In the work we do with companies we start by identifying:

Who the target customers are and what experiences they seek and value;

What is the demand ecosystem where the company is inserted;

What is the differentiating element that they can use in their favor;

What is the strategy to follow;

which value proposition to communicate.

Then, we identify what prevents the company of today, the one that delivers the current results, from being the company of the desired future, capable of delivering the desired future results resulting from the execution of the strategy and, systematizing a portfolio of transformation initiatives aligned with the strategy to build the company of the future, the only one capable of producing the desired future results in a sustained way and, sometimes, also, to build the market of the future where the company can prosper.

We believe that this approach allows us to support a work based on the value perceived by customers when using products and services and on the final experience. Thus, we created the bases to escape the comparison of attributes and specifications that throws companies into the commoditization trap and makes costs and prices the only argument in a negotiation.

Imagine including this approach while designing or improving a management system.


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Do you have questions or doubts about ISO 9001 or ISO 14001?

Perhaps I can help. Do you want to schedule a Zoom conversation?




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